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  • To develop manage & maintain state & other important highways upto world standard.

  • To develop models for bringing in private and institutional and international funding for road sector.


 Functions of Authority

  • Survey, develop, maintain and manage highways vested to it.

  • Regulate and control the plying of vehicle on highways.

  • Develop and provide consultancy and construction services and carry on research activities for development, management and maintenance activities of highways.

  • Provide such facilities and amenities for users or highways.

  • Form one or more companies under the companies act 1956 for efficient discharge of functions.

  • Advise the state government on matters relating to state highways.

  • Collect fees on behalf of state government on such terms and conditions as may be specified by the state government.

  • Engage or entrust any of its function to any person on such terms and condition as may be prescribed.

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